Leave Chavez alone!

Blev påmind om youtubedängan Leave Britney Alone! under det dagliga facebookandet. För er som inte minns finns videon här nedan, och var Chris Crockers, ett hängivet Britneyfan, reaktion på hetsen mot sångerskan som peakade därikring.

Den gav upphov till en massa spinoffs som var av varierande kvalitet, ingen kunde ju mäta sig med intensiteten hos originalet.

Hursom, jag och kamrat Mischa bestämde oss för att göra Leave Chavez alone. Manus skrevs men fick sedan ligga på hyllan, vem fan var galen (eller lojal mot kampen) nog att grina framför kameran om Chavez? Inte vi iallafall…

Och idag, två år senare, påmindes jag som sagt om Chris Crocker, och därmed vårt gamla manus. Dags att publicera, nån där ute är kanske hängiven Chavez nog att spela in materialet.

”And how fuckin dare anyone out there make fun of Chavez, after all he’s been through


He made a weapons deal with Belarus, he closed down a private media network… he made constitutional changes that concentrates power to the president, his allegiance with Iran has given him a lot of bad media coverage world wide, and now he’s going through a really tough battle with American imperialism. All you people care about is (söker ord) your readers, and making money off of him and the impoverished people of Venezuela!  HE`S A HUMAN!


What you don’t realise is that Chavez is building socialism in one country, a process that demands breaking of few fuckin eggs, and all you do is write a bunch of crap about him. He hasn’t visited Lula in years, his Labor Day speech is called “Give me more” for a reason because all you want is more more more MORE MORE!


You´re lucky he even gave you that speech you bastards! LEAVE CHAVEZ ALONE! Pleeease


People talk about free trade and say if Chavez was pro free trade he would’ve pulled it off no matter what. Speaking of free trade, since when is it free trade to punish a democratically elected president with embargos just because he happens to disagree with the IMF. LEAVE CHAVEZ ALONE! PLEEEEASE!!


Leave Hugo Chavez alone, RIGHT… NOW! I mean IT! Anyone who has a problem with him you deal with ME! Because he’s not well right now.

(Gråter länge)

Leave him alone….”


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